PRAA – Praa

Released on: 04.12.2019

At the crossroads of 90’s pop music, dance and modern r’n’b. Praa is the up-and-coming new face of left-pop hailing from France. Her debut was critically acclaimed across UK and French press.

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Jinka – Dr. Ara

Released on: 03.08.2019

Jinka’s debut EP Dr. Ara, which features collaborations with British singer-songwriter Klei (“Bicycle”) and Berlin based artist BLVTH (“Disarray”), is conceptualized as a “federation of miniature soundscapes“. Listening to it feels like a journey during which we watch the Transylvanian producer explore various stylistic approaches and curate an assemblage of tasteful, both zeitgeisty and retro references which compose her trademark Happy Trip Pop vibe

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Praa – Infinite Regress

Released on: 03.01.2019

“At the crossroads of 90’s pop music, dance and modern r’n’b, “Infinite Regress” is the introductive title of Praa’s debut EP which will release on 12 April on Elephant & Castle. With her gentle and crystal-clear voice reminding of Madonna, Praa celebrates the unique link between two soulmates and initiates an introspective journey through the other’s eyes like in a mirror.

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Jinka x BLVTH – Bare To The Bone

Released on: 02.22.2019

“Bare to the Bone” is an alloy made from BLVTH’s grungy future bass and Jinka’s happy trip pop. The two Berlin-based artists have teamed up for this co-write/production whose flowy melodies and wirily-glitchy beat is going to catch your attention with melancholic ease.

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Timsters – I’ve Been Thinking

Released on: 01.18.2019

With his lynchesque melo-pop track, the singer-songwriter-producer is giving a modern ‘Nightcall‘ in an elegant urban choreography.

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Jinka – Ghost2U

Released on: 01.11.2019

Jinka‘s Happy Trip Pop seems to have gone gloomy for the apex of the cold season.“Ghost 2 U” is the Transylvanian artist‘s most emotionally dynamic track to date.

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Janee feat. Idyl – Cinderella

Released on: 12.07.2018

A brand new producer with a self-described “orchestrap” sound, Janee taps The Voice Belgium finalist Idyl for a stunning winter single.

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